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What are you doing when you lose possession of the ball?

How important can be just one action in the match?

Bentancur vs Calhanoglu



One acion can say more tha 1000 words. I could say a lot about individual pressing but video will do it better than me. 



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This is how calm and patience in the defence can impact on creating chances for the team. This is what makes special world class defenders - they're confident and calm when they distrubute the ball. It gives an advantage for their teams. Of course you also need to practice it during training sessions. Just one technically good defender isn't enough. Your team need to know what to do in order to not to leave any gap.



Nice - PSG

The defender heads up and pass long ball to Balotelli on purpose. Clearly he knew what to do, especially t...

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First of all I need to distinguish two things. Firs - I am not a doctor, second - I had twisted ankle many times so I know what helps cure quicker. I tried many medicines, listened to many advices and also I made few mistakes. Thanks to my experience you'll be able to recover much quicker from your injury. 

This article is for those who really wants to cure faster twisted ankle and wants to be back in any sport activities. Does not matter if it's football, baksetball, running or something else.



skręcona kostka

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What height should have goalkeeper? How many cm you need to have in order to be goalkeeper in polish Lotto Ekstraklasa, Premier League, Ligue 1, Primera División or Serie A? Does height dimensions have any sense? Is it just? For those quiestions I will try to find answer for you in this article. So, let's get started!


Poland is famous because of good goalkeepers. We have plenty of them playing in top clubs and top leagues in Europe. Polish National team for many years also have good quality goalkeepers. Why is it so? Is it because of good keepers training in Poland? In my opinion it's not. It's because of position's specific. There is a lot ...

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In a sport that is dominated by skill, fancy flicks and wonder goals, the dependable utility player has largely gone under the radar over the past ten years. Every side needs a player to dig in and complete the job with ultimate professionalism and James Milner is one of a handful of top-flight players who will guarantee at least a 7/10 performance every single week.



Potential stars of the future will gaze in admiration at the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and even Sergio Aguero as they steal the headlines on a daily basis. These types of players are a joy to watch and can light up any game. Whilst every manager would love a Messi or Ronaldo in their squad they would also be happy with at least one...

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