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Football Trials - Trial's types, how is this look like and how to prepare yourself

Many people ask me "how does football trials look like?". The answer is not so simple, because the football market offers many possibilities. I will describe the pros and cons of the most important and also tell you how to prepare for them.


At the very beginning I wanted to emphasize that EVERY TYPE OF TEST is a great experience for every player. The more football trials you'll attend, the better you will be in dealing with pressures related to them. The quality of trials depends on who organizers invited: what football scouts and observers. The most important is to create a real opportunity to change the club for every player. So the most important aspect is not related to the type of football trials.





- Football trials in club

- 1 Day football trials

- 1 Day football trials + Further observation of the best players and long-term cooperation

- Several days football trials (for example 5 days football trials)





Football trials in club:

+ it is easier to adapt to the team (it's easier to add one puzzle to a jigsaw puzzle than make whole one from the beggining)

+ if you get an invitation from the club, you are provided with food and accommodation (for a few days trials)

+ you're about to be part of the club - if you pass the trials, you'll immediately get an engagement to the club


- Existing players of the team are often reluctant to cooperate with tested footballers

- in some clubs is only one sparring or training = too little time to show real football skills



ADDITIONALLY: difficult barrier to entry to the team - unfortunately, but in most cases you have to be BETTER than the players who are already in the team. Each club wants to raise somehow level of his team. If the team does not have a current staff shortages, you need to offer something more than the players who are already in the club. If not, most teams would prefer to give a chance to someone from youth instead of investing money in you. Sad but true. It is simply a fact and reality of football.



Football trial



1 Day Trial:


+ Lower price

+ No need to stay the night (or just 1 night stay, depending on where you live)


- You only have one match to show your skills = more stress and more pressure

- Harder to cooperate with teammates - you just don't know one another

- Difficult to communicate with other players (who can remember over 20 names at once?)

- Due to only one match, some players choose to play selfish



1 Day Football Trials + Further observation of the best players and long-term cooperation:


+ Possibility of further cooperation and care of the player


- Only one match = more stress and more pressure

- Harder to cooperate with teammates - you just don't know one another

- Difficult to communicate with other players (who can remember over 20 names at once?)

- Due to only one match, some players choose to play selfish



Several Days Trials (For example 5 Days Football Trials):


+ Players getting to know on the field and out of the field

+ More trainings, matches and friendly games = less stress, when you do something wrong one day, you can make it up tomorrow or day after etc.

+ Friendlier atmosphere among the players

+ Because of invited specialist, players can get new priceless knowledge and experience


- Higher price than in other cases

- A time limit for some of the participants = not everyone has a few days to be away from home



It's generally about each of the types of trials. Each of these events, of course, can be enriched in their own way. For example, the organizer can use the equipment to measure speed, jumping, efficiency, and also record with camera whole event and submit statistics for each footballer.





Probably the worst thing you can do on football trials is playing only yourself. One, two dribble it's okay. However, if you routinely dribbles and you do not notice better positioned colleagues, it does not impress scouts, but you harm yourself. Scouts knows what to expect from the player depending on its position. If you play in attack or on the wing, is the ability to win duels 1 vs 1 is desirable. Selfish way of playing football is repulsive. Playing like this you can only alienate your colleagues (football trials participants or your future teammates) and hurt yourself.



I was a witness of a situation that central defender intended dribble through 3 players, then spun on the sidelines and try to continue to keep the ball. I'm not saying that good ball's distribution is not appreciated. But this behabiour was just too much. Especially that he tried same risky dribble 5-7 times per game. Defenitely too much. It did not help him at all. I think you'll  will not be surprised if I write that he did not get any proposals or even query. Although the technique had at really good level. Physical great too. However, the lack of responsibility and recklessness crossed his name from scout's lists very quickly.



So during football trials try to play normally- for the benefit of the team. As you can see better positioned teammate, do not hesitate to pass him the ball. This does not mean, of course, that dribble is completely prohibited. You can do it of cours. Even sometimes you have to. Everything is a matter of the situation on the pitch and your choices. This is what scouts are going to judge - your choices and its consequences.



Football training





Create an individual plan


I'd love to give you perfect recipe, but I can not. It's because everyone is different and has different needs. Everyone plays in a different position and has other shortcomings etc. There are a few variables that need to be taken into consideration. First of all, the important thing is what is the type of football trials and how much time you have got to prepare for them. Consider the fact in which stage of the season you are with your current team. If you're in the middle of the spring round, then suddenly you start strength training that you will finish completely. Physically probably you'd look at the trials well, but your self-confidence and form would be heavily compromised.





It is really worth to work on condition. You don't need to be so overrun to run a marathon. Take care of this aspect because of the simple reason. Every player is inaccurate when really tired. The appropriate level of fitness will allow you to show your best side at any time. Especially football trials we organize are very demanding. They consist of two morning training sessions for 2 hours and evening friendly match. It's almost 6 hours of playing football every day.



Mental training


Take care of your peace of mind. Mental peace is very important. Work on stressful situations and cope with them. Remember that mental training is a process and hard work. Create your own rutine. You will never get any results of mental training just after reading this article or one mental training session. However, you can take care of the cleanliness of your mind and have a good basis for show the scouts your good side. Resolve all of problems and do everything you postponed lately. Mute the little voice back of your head which say that "you forgot do something, you still need to clean house, repair car, talk to dad" etc. etc. Can you imagine yourself on vacation, lying on sunny beach and... thinking about project which is waiting for you at home? You can't fully enjoy holidays then. Whatever it is, do not let it ruin your inner balance.



During the football matches of your team pay attention to what makes you the most problems in terms of mental and purely football. Then just try to work on this. Not only to improve in football, but also significantly improve your self-confidence.





Language prepatarion


If you are tested in a club abroad take care of  how you're going to communicate with coaches and colleagues from the future new team. Even the simplest phrases and some words may be beneficial. Not in every country, people speak English well. In Spain or Italy, people speak almost only in their native languages. Take this into account and learn even the simplest phrases and some football phrases to help you communicate with teammates on the pitch.



And how do you prepare yourself to football trials?






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