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6 Obstacles defeated by Kamil Glik

The title of the book by Kamila Glik is a perfect reflection of what kind of man he is and why he owes his success. His strength, determination and character allowed him to break into the world's top football.


Do not be fooled, many of us may disregard AS Monaco, but the facts are that this is a team that has reached a quarter of the Champions League and is the current leader of the Ligue 1 - above Paris Saint Germain. Interesting is that in 1/8 of the Champions League they won against Manchester City - financed by Arab sheikks, and in the league they are above PSG - a club also pumped by Arab money. The smaller, poorer (compared to the 2 mentioned) club, but able to win favored rivals by force of will, determination, ambition and organization. Hollywood loves such scenarios. If the film was made, we could almost be sure that AS Monaco would reach the very finals of the Champions League.



The story of Kamil Glik should be well presented to every young footballer. One basic thing that they do not teach us in school is overcoming obstacles. This teaches us life. Kamil is a perfect example of a person who has overcome many adversities.



Kamil Glik



Did you know these 6 facts about Kamil Glik?


  1. WORSE TECHNICALLY - Often going to the new club he was worse technically than others. He put a lot of effott in order to make it up, especially at a young age. As he described in his book - a lot of additional work was done by moving from MOSiR Jastrzębie-Zdrój to the Football School of Wodzisław.



  1. 1 YEAR DISQUALIFICATION – Kamil Glik at the age of 16 received annual disqualification for which he could not play in the competition. How did that happen? His coach from the Football School of Wodzisław was accused of improper behavior during the matches. Kamil as captain was summoned to the Disciplinary Division of the Silesian Football Association as a witness, where the Commission found that Glik treats them dismissively. During the punishment our current Polish representative could only participate in the training sessions of his team. As it turned out, the penalty was reduced to half a year.



  1. DAD'S DEATH – His dad died when Kamil was 21. Time to be gone of any loved one is never good. A man of such age is not yet fully mentally formed. For every person losing a family member is a shock. No matter what was before. It always hurts. All of quarrels, dissenters go away oblivious. Such situations are deeply rooted in everyone's life. Overcoming them looks easy only in theory. In practice, after some time can give real strength ... shape the character.






  1. RELEGATION WITH PIAST GLIWICE – This was Kamil's second season in Polish Ekstraklasa (Polish Premier League). In spite of good defensor appearances, his team was relegate to 1st league. But he moved abroad to US Palermo. There would be nothing extraordinary about it if it had not been for what happened later.



  1. RELEGATION WITH BARI TO SERIE B – After 6 months in Italy Glik was loaned from US Palermo to AS Bari. Transfer were supposed to provide him with a more regular game. Actually it was. Glik was lucky to be trained by Giampiero Ventura in Bari. Despite this, Glik was relegate alongside Bari to Serie B. For the second year in a row he was relegate with some team to the lower league. First with Piast Gliwice, and now with Bari. For a defender it's been a double blow. Especially so for someone who has just appeared in the new league and new country.



  1. CRITICISM IN MEDIA – After being relegated with Bari to Serie B, in the Polish media a wave of criticism poured into Kamil Glik. A person who criticized the most was the journalist and commentator Przemysław Rudzki, who spoke very strongly of Kamil Glik. He wrote an article titled "Glik brings shame to Poland". Criticism was not entirely groundless. After one of the Glik matches, he was chosen by the Italian service to the worst Seria A squad. Relegated second year in a row with another club also did not help him. On the internet haters have had their glory days.






Those 6 obstacles which defeated Kamil Glik are only few chosen from his whole life. In his biography "Kamil Glik. Character counts" (in polish: "Kamil Glik. Liczy się charakter") you will find a lot more curiosities and inspiration.



And you? What would you do if you were him? Would you overcome these difficulties? Each of us has difficult moments. The most important thing is to find the strength to move on and strive for the goal. YOU HAVE TO HAVE CHARACTER.

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