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Facts about Zlatan Ibrahimović you did not know before

Sweden is a country considered as a place with good conditions of living. When you think about Sweden you never think about poor people beggars etc.
When someone's Swedish we think that he had everythink child needs - food, good care and health care. Immigrants have come there before the refugees. One of such immigrant person was Zlatan Ibrahimović. Was his childhood exactly like an image above? Did he have everything he needed as a child? Did he have a perfect conditions for development?



Zlatan Ibrahimović have had some obstacles because of his origin, place of living and some because of his impulsive character.



Zlatan Ibrahimovic





The petition came from the father of one of the boys, whom Ibra headbutted. The men claimed that Zlatan was too arrogant and hyperactive. Zlatan was able to shoot at his teammates for any trifle. Even referee could be insulted. One time he did it using unaccustomed words for which he received a red card. It's all among people who "come from higher spheres." That means people with villas, beautiful suits, newest phones, best cars, etc. Zlatan did not fit in there.



The parents gave themselves a petition and signed one after another. They claimed that the team would be better off without him. Finally, the paper reached the coach. What did he do? He just looked at the paper, he wondered and ... lacerated it.









Malmö's training pitch was 7 km from his home and he often had to walk this distance on foot. Who would not be discouraged? Definitely not Zlatan Ibrahimović. What is the problem? Every problem has a solution. Zlatan found other means of transport - he stole bikes. Once it happened, it was a postman's bike, and another time a trainer's assistant coach. Each time he realized from whom he "borrowed" a bike, he was able to go out and give the owner his bike back.



Sounds like a cool anecdote huh? Funny and interesting story. What would you do without having a bus, car or any other transportation for the training? Would you walk 7km? What would you do?



Or in the other words - WOULD YOU KEEP TRAINING FOOTBALL? Would you give up football and look for another occupation? It is precisely such stubbornness in pursuit of the goal that characterizes the best.








There was a good and bad times in Ibra's home. There was a moment when his parents lived separately. Living with his father, he returned home hungry as a wolf, and in his mind he prayed that there was something to eat. He opened the fridge and there was just milk, butter, bread and multi-juice. But always full of beer. A sportsman diet... If one day you're gonna to have excuse that you may play bad game because of not eating enough - think about Zlatan Ibrahimović and his fridge. Think about a guy hard as a rock raised on bread with butter.



Diet is of course very important. In many cases it is even 70% of success. Take care of it and increase your chances of success. Avoid looking for excuses. It is a favorite occupation of many unfulfilled players.



pusta lodówka





When Ibrahimović was in Juventus, he was not as effective as he is now. Much lacked him to be a perfect killer. This is largely due to Capello, who made 2 fascinating things.



1 - He locked Zlatan in the room and made him watch Marco Van Basten's goaltending tapes. The Italian coach wanted the Swedish to be as effective as the legendary Dutch striker. I do not know who to admire more. Zlatana for quick learning or Capello for courage? Who would now locked Ibra for an hour or two in the room and told him to do anything?



2 - He commanded Ibra to stay longer after trainings and train first touch shots from the box. Capello's assistants stayed with him after training, and he was supposed to learn instinctively to shoot from every position and from every pass he recived in the penalty area. He wanted to made Zlatan Ibrahimović deadly dangerous.








As you can see, Ibrahimović's incredible effectiveness did not come from nothing. It is not "talent" but only hard work and hours of training allowed him to achieve a wrold class level. Training with your team is not enough. Working on your own overtime lets you get to the next level. No matter if you are Smith or Ibrahimović. We would not know today's Ibracadabra if it had not overcome many obstacles and difficulties in his childhood. There would be no Ibra today without additional training. There would be neither him nor many other top players.



Let it make you think.








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