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How can you improve weaker foot?

How quickly and effectively improve the weaker foot play? At what age can still significantly improve in this aspect? What exercises are most effective to achieve this goal? And where can you find the exact plan of what and when exactly you would do?


You will learn everything in this article. If you want, you do it by yourself  or do it with us as a 3 weeks challenge on Facebook Group "Ambitni Piłkarze" what in Polish means "Ambitious Footballers".






My story


I don't play anymore in any club. I didn't do a great career either. However, whenever I played with someone new, he was not quite sure which of my legs was better.

Friendly game. I make a few passes, dribbles, actions ...I play normally, as in the match. Finally, I shoot by the left leg. The opposing team is slightly annoyed, the teammates congratulate and enjoy the goal. There are also some who scratch their head and finally ask a question.


„Mate, are you right-footed or left-footed?"


My leading leg is right one. Left still has shortcomings. At one age it is hard to work out an equal level in both legs. At least 90% of the players, even those with good quality of both legs, still have the better leg. The stronger one and more precise one, both during shots and passes.






With my left foot I not only scored goals, but also gave great assists. Once in a senior league match, I passed to the forward very well, so whole team did not run up congratulate to the goal scorer but to me. I emphasize again. My left foot is not a master level. But definitely my "weaker" leg is not the one I just get into the tram or push the clutch in the car.


How did I develop such a level of play in my left leg?


There was one breakthrough moment that helped me a lot. The biggest progress I made when ... I HAD TO. Yes, the greatest progress I have made when I just had to use my left leg. What led me to this situation?


During one of the matches I broke my right leg. I was about 12 years old. After about a month of immobilization in the cast and two weeks of recovery, the doctor said that I should still rest from any physical activity. And I should not play ball at all and wait.






How you probably suppose I completely did not listen to him and I slipped out of the house to go to the pitch. However, I was not quite reckless and tried to pass and shoot only witch left leg. After 2-3 weeks of this way of playing my left leg became much better. I was able to not only pass, but also to score goals. Even despite lack of speed after injury.




As soon as I felt more confident and started to use my right foot, I became much more unpredictable. The bigger number of plays you have, the more dangerous you are for your opponent. By using both legs, you can multiply every dribble x2.



football match



Another advantage is that in some countries very much appreciate the players using both legs. Of course, it also depends on the club and its preferences as to the characteristics of the players, but for example in Real Valladolid very much appreciate the players playing both legs.





Yes of course you can. The younger you are, the easier it is for you. The golden age of the child is 7-13 years old. Then the children absorb everything like a sponge. As shown by the examples of some players they can improve the play of weaker leg even over the age of 20 years. They do not come so easily and so fast, because it is harder to change habits already acquired.






In German football the heaviest workouts are for footballers 14-19 years old. Even in the adult football players does'nt train that hard. This shows how much more work can be done then, and how important is this period. Use it to the maximum!




You already know that you can improve weaker foot. So how can you do it exactly? What is the most efficient? I've got 6 tips for you:


- Consciously using left leg in training


- Coerver training – NO EXCUSES! - You can do it even in toilet 2x2 meters. No matter what. Rain outside, small room etc - that's only EXCUSES!


- Imitate the movements of the players watching the video


- IMITATE YOUR OWN MOVEMENTS. Look to the large mirror exactly how you are putting your body to:

* Passes

* Long passes

* Shots

* Technical shot


Pay attention to the position of the body, the tilt, and even the layout of the hands. It is a common mistake to put your hands exactly as you would with a lead foot. Maintaining exactly the same body layout at one stroke and one leg, in one case you simply lose your balance and the shots will not be as accurate as you would like.






- juggling with both feet - helps improve technique and "feeling the ball"


- Life Kinetik - Exercises forcing the hard work of the mind. Combine ball games with other tasks. For example, juggling ball with feet and bouncing the tennis ball to the ground and catching it with your hand.





Take the challenge with yourself. Assume that you try to do some exercises for the next 3 weeks to improve the game with your weaker foot. If you want, you can do it yourself, but you also have the opportunity to join the challenge that will be on the Facebook group called Ambitni Piłkarze ("Ambitious Footballers"). There will be an exact start up of exercises that you should perform for about 3 weeks.


So at the and I wish you luck and hope that you will imrpove your skills and achieve your all goals.





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