Show your football talent!


What if you just think that you want to play football?

What makes you that you are not able to sleep? What are you thinking about when you're about to fall asleep? When you dream of a great football career, what do you really mean? Expensive cars and beautiful women? Jealousy of your friends? Crowd cheering you up and screamin your name? Or maybe something else? Think deeply about it. I'll give you some thought today. Maybe you just think you are dreaming of playing football on the highest level. Maybe your real dream is something completely different, and football is just the steppingstone for the true purpose?



How will you found out that you have succeeded?


So, when you can say that you already succeed in football? How exactly can you recognize your success? Because of shirt you'll wear? Because of the cup you win? Because of the salary you will get? Because of the number of autographs signed? Because of the cars in your garage? Or maybe thanks to the villa you live in?


Every day we are taught that success can be measured. At school we get grades. As you learn better, you get higher grades. As you are unprepared, you get the worst. When football team and you are well prepared for the match you will probably win. If you do it wrong, then there is a good chance you will lose. But in life is not quite so. When exactly you will know that you have succeeded? How do you measure it?



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In my opinion the success in football is...


In my opinion, the success in football is not only playing in such teams as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich etc. It is also your team's victories, goals scored, clean sheet, new dribble learned, tactical progress, understanding your position etc. Any progress in the individual game is your personal little success. The adversity you must overcome is also successful. Overcoming illness, injury and mental barriers and much more. Every single step that makes you a better footballer is your little personal success.



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Are you just waiting for the end of the road or do you're enjoying the road?


To get at least 1% better player often you need a lot of time and effort. Nothing comes easy, especially success. Are you able to enjoy it? Can you enjoy the fact that you are aiming for your goal or you're pissed off and you're refusing yourself from extra work just dreaming of transfer to a better club? There is a saying:


"There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way."


If you feel that you do not enjoy what you do, why do you do it? If you are feeling more and more like this, think deeply about what you really want from life. Think what makes you truly happy.


I can't imagine a footballer who would run with a smile from ear to ear during hard training sessions. It's not about being a crazy man who is smiling 24 hours a day. Do not get me wrong. But if after a hard workout you fall on your bed and smile at yourself, because you did a good job today, you have to know that you are on the right way. Keep doing that!


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What is REAL success?


A REAL SUCCESS will MAKE YOU STRONGER. If after achieving your goal you feel better, stronger, more confident, proud, then - THIS IS A REAL SUCCESS. That is a success which will motivate you to reach another goal. You'll feel like a real machine, something like a perpetual motion. True success does not need to be applause. You can boast to your family, friends, or post in social media - BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO. If you feel like you have to post your small  personal "success" on Facebook, it's not the real success then. When you really achieved something important, you do not need artificial approval.






I know we have different times and posting posts on social media is a daily routine. I know that every man is so constructed that we like to be in the center of attention. This is a natural feature of every human being. You'll do what you want. I do not want to change you or the whole world. I only give you one important life advice:


TRUE SUCCESS MAKES YOU STRONGER - remember about it when you will strive to achieve your goals and dreams.





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