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Analysis #1 - Patience in the defence

This is how calm and patience in the defence can impact on creating chances for the team. This is what makes special world class defenders - they're confident and calm when they distrubute the ball. It gives an advantage for their teams. Of course you also need to practice it during training sessions. Just one technically good defender isn't enough. Your team need to know what to do in order to not to leave any gap.



Nice - PSG

The defender heads up and pass long ball to Balotelli on purpose. Clearly he knew what to do, especially that he tried same thing in this game earlier. In this video you can also see how pressing is important. Mbappe could stop him quicker but he wasn't quick enough (because of talking to the ref



Juventus - Atalanta

Very patient Asamoah, who kept the ball in the possesion. From 4 x 4 Juve dragged more Atalanta's players to the small zone close to the side line. It became 6 x 6 which created huge free zone in the middle which Juve used very well. Sandro won the header, Matuidi found Higuain quickly in the free space and they created great opportunity to the D. Costa. All started from calm and patience in the Juve's defence.




source: BT Sport - video made only for educational purposes



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