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In a sport that is dominated by skill, fancy flicks and wonder goals, the dependable utility player has largely gone under the radar over the past ten years. Every side needs a player to dig in and complete the job with ultimate professionalism and James Milner is one of a handful of top-flight players who will guarantee at least a 7/10 performance every single week.



Potential stars of the future will gaze in admiration at the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and even Sergio Aguero as they steal the headlines on a daily basis. These types of players are a joy to watch and can light up any game. Whilst every manager would love a Messi or Ronaldo in their squad they would also be happy with at least one...

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Sweden is a country considered as a place with good conditions of living. When you think about Sweden you never think about poor people beggars etc.
When someone's Swedish we think that he had everythink child needs - food, good care and health care. Immigrants have come there before the refugees. One of such immigrant person was Zlatan Ibrahimović. Was his childhood exactly like an image above? Did he have everything he needed as a child? Did he have a perfect conditions for development?



Zlatan Ibrahimović have had some obstacles because of his origin, place of living and some because of...

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The title of the book by Kamila Glik is a perfect reflection of what kind of man he is and why he owes his success. His strength, determination and character allowed him to break into the world's top football.


Do not be fooled, many of us may disregard AS Monaco, but the facts are that this is a team that has reached a quarter of the Champions League and is the current leader of the Ligue 1 - above Paris Saint Germain. Interesting is that in 1/8 of the Champions League they won against Manchester City - financed by Arab sheikks, and in the league they are above PSG - a club also pumped by Arab money.

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Pedro León - former Real Madrid player. What mistake did he make? Why he is no longer in Madrid? What he could do better?


Pedro León is a football player who in 2010-2012 played in Real Madrid. Actually saying "play" might be too much. He was very impressive when played for Getafe and before Valladolid. Unfortunately in the capital of Spain he took part of just 6 games. In cases like this one some people say that Real Madrid made a mistake because they bought player who didn't meet expectations. Other people say that it's footballer fault, beacause he didn't face t...

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