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What makes you that you are not able to sleep? What are you thinking about when you're about to fall asleep? When you dream of a great football career, what do you really mean? Expensive cars and beautiful women? Jealousy of your friends? Crowd cheering you up and screamin your name? Or maybe something else? Think deeply about it. I'll give you some thought today. Maybe you just think you are dreaming of playing football on the highest level. Maybe your real dream is something completely different, and football is just the steppingstone for the true purpose?



How will you found out that you have succeeded?

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What question should you ask yourself before transfer? What details are really important? What can infuelnce your whole football career? What should you do in order to achieve your goals?


Every young football player wants to play in a famous football club. Just some of them can raise and train exactly there. For example lots o Spaniards born in Madrid or Barcelona are trained by one of the best coaches in the world. It's something what probably dream millions of children all over the world. Those children have every day something that others would give anything just for one day like this. Notice that not every player from FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Ma...

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