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For whom: Football players 16-23 years old

Organizers: - Łukasz Wróbel, Active World - Marcin Chodakowski and Soccer León Academy - Pablo Huerga and Inigo Albizuri

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Many people ask me "how does football trials look like?". The answer is not so simple, because the football market offers many possibilities. I will describe the pros and cons of the most important and also tell you how to prepare for them.


At the very beginning I wanted to emphasize that EVERY TYPE OF TEST is a great experience for every player. The more football trials you'll attend, the better you will be in dealing with pressures related to them. The quality of trials depends on who organizers invited: what football scouts and observers. The most important is to create a real opportunity to change the club for every player. So the most important aspect is not related to the type of foot...

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