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What makes you that you are not able to sleep? What are you thinking about when you're about to fall asleep? When you dream of a great football career, what do you really mean? Expensive cars and beautiful women? Jealousy of your friends? Crowd cheering you up and screamin your name? Or maybe something else? Think deeply about it. I'll give you some thought today. Maybe you just think you are dreaming of playing football on the highest level. Maybe your real dream is something completely different, and football is just the steppingstone for the true purpose?     How will you found out that you have succeeded?   So, when you can say that you already succeed in football? How exactly can you recognize your success? Because of shirt you'll wear? Because of the cup you win? Because of the salary you will get? Because of the number of autographs signed? Because of the cars in your garage? Or maybe thanks to the villa you live in?   Every day we are taught that success...

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How quickly and effectively improve the weaker foot play? At what age can still significantly improve in this aspect? What exercises are most effective to achieve this goal? And where can you find the exact plan of what and when exactly you would do?   You will learn everything in this article. If you want, you do it by yourself  or do it with us as a 3 weeks challenge on Facebook Group "Ambitni Piłkarze" what in Polish means "Ambitious Footballers".         My story   I don't play anymore in any club. I didn't do a great career either. However, whenever I played with someone new, he was not quite sure which of my legs was better. Friendly game. I make a few passes, dribbles, actions ...I play normally, as in the match. Finally, I shoot by the left leg. The opposing team is slightly annoyed, the teammates congratulate and enjoy the goal. There are also some who scratch their head and finally ask a question.   „Mate, are you right-footed or lef...

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Sweden is a country considered as a place with good conditions of living. When you think about Sweden you never think about poor people beggars etc. When someone's Swedish we think that he had everythink child needs - food, good care and health care. Immigrants have come there before the refugees. One of such immigrant person was Zlatan Ibrahimović. Was his childhood exactly like an image above? Did he have everything he needed as a child? Did he have a perfect conditions for development?     Zlatan Ibrahimović have had some obstacles because of his origin, place of living and some because of his impulsive character.         PARENTS OF HIS TEAMMATES WERE COLLECTING SIGNATURES IN ORDER TO GED RID OF ZLATAN FROM THE FOOTBALL CLUB    The petition came from the father of one of the boys, whom Ibra headbutted. The men claimed that Zlatan was too arrogant and hyperactive. Zlatan was able to shoot at his teammates for any trifle. Even referee could be ins...

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The title of the book by Kamila Glik is a perfect reflection of what kind of man he is and why he owes his success. His strength, determination and character allowed him to break into the world's top football.   Do not be fooled, many of us may disregard AS Monaco, but the facts are that this is a team that has reached a quarter of the Champions League and is the current leader of the Ligue 1 - above Paris Saint Germain. Interesting is that in 1/8 of the Champions League they won against Manchester City - financed by Arab sheikks, and in the league they are above PSG - a club also pumped by Arab money. The smaller, poorer (compared to the 2 mentioned) club, but able to win favored rivals by force of will, determination, ambition and organization. Hollywood loves such scenarios. If the film was made, we could almost be sure that AS Monaco would reach the very finals of the Champions League.     The story of Kamil Glik should be well presented to every young footballer....

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How is the football scout course in Manchester look like? What characterizes it? How best football clubs are scouting? How Manchester United's people are doing that? If you are interested in how this course look like from the technical side and my opinion, then this article is for you.     THE PFSA - THE PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL SCOUT ASSOCIATION I participated The PFSA course in July 2016. I spent two intensive days with among others Manchester United Head Scout - Gerry Lucka and Head of Manchester United Football Academy - Dean Whitehouse. Each day consisted 8 hours of classes. Every 1-2 hour were short breaks, including one longer for dinner.         WHERE WAS THIS COURSE PLACED? The Football Scout Course was held in Manchester, one of the largest cities in England. What is the most interesting about it is something different. The courses was placed at the Hotel Football which is owned by Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, Phillip Neville, and Ga...

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