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For whom: Football players 16-23 years old

Organizers: - Łukasz Wróbel, Active World - Marcin Chodakowski and Soccer León Academy - Pablo Huerga and Inigo Albizuri

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Many people ask me "how does football trials look like?". The answer is not so simple, because the football market offers many possibilities. I will describe the pros and cons of the most important and also tell you how to prepare for them.


At the very beginning I wanted to emphasize that EVERY TYPE OF TEST is a great experience for every player. The more football trials you'll attend, the better you will be in dealing with pressures related to them. The quality of trials depends on who organizers invited: what football scouts and observers. The most important is to create a real opportunity to change the club for every player. So the most important aspect is not related to the type of foot...

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Why is football scouting so important? How football scout's decisions can afect on football player career? Is forcing a transfer to another club reasonable? What is exactly football scout paying attention on?



Football scouting in my opinion is almost same important as the training of youth. Every professional football club should take care of it. Every club has his own needs and aspirations. Different needs have Legia Warszawa and Real Madrid. Spaniard club can afford byuing football stars worth 100 mln euro and Legia no more than 1. You need to measure strenght on intentions. Some clubs buy stars, the others are look...

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What question should you ask yourself before transfer? What details are really important? What can infuelnce your whole football career? What should you do in order to achieve your goals?


Every young football player wants to play in a famous football club. Just some of them can raise and train exactly there. For example lots o Spaniards born in Madrid or Barcelona are trained by one of the best coaches in the world. It's something what probably dream millions of children all over the world. Those children have every day something that others would give anything just for one day like this. Notice that not every player from FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Ma...

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Pedro León - former Real Madrid player. What mistake did he make? Why he is no longer in Madrid? What he could do better?


Pedro León is a football player who in 2010-2012 played in Real Madrid. Actually saying "play" might be too much. He was very impressive when played for Getafe and before Valladolid. Unfortunately in the capital of Spain he took part of just 6 games. In cases like this one some people say that Real Madrid made a mistake because they bought player who didn't meet expectations. Other people say that it's footballer fault, beacause he didn't face t...

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