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Our website helps to promote and develop a career by posting videos, photos, statistics or achievements. This is a website for all who love football - young players, fans and football managers, scouts, coaches and representatives of football clubs. It is a modern connection between young talents and the big world of football.

We want to emphasize that we are not an agency.


Łukasz Wróbel - founder, scout and coach. Currently Cracovia scout and coach of youth groups in UKS Orzeł Moszczenica. Scouting taught him - three of the best in the world - Gerry Luczka, Dean Whitehouse and Pete Williams. The first two work for the famous Manchester United. Passionate about football, travelling and psychology.


TVP3 Katowice


We are a team that has set itself the goal of helping you achieve your dreams of becoming great players. All our activities are free. For creating an account, transfers, tests, assistance in obtaining contacts it does not charge any fees. We just want to enable you to enter the world of great football. We want to do something that we would have wanted someone to do for us in the past but for us it is now too late. That is why we want to help you.


Because it already does. Both the bigger and smaller clubs admit to having engaged in transfers relying largely on video records. Spreading them through this website is exclusively easier for clubs and players. Of course, the best form of Scouting is to observe the players live, but it is costly and time consuming. Even the richest clubs in the world having well developed scout networks are not able to observe everything that goes on in the world. This site is designed to enable broadening horizons.

We are not saying that after showing records and information of a player to a football club the transfer occurs (although we do not exclude such a possibility either), but it will surely increase his chances. Someone completely anonymous can hit the notebooks of club activists, be observed by them or even go to testing. First of all, you give yourself a chance of becoming a professional player in a big club.

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