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Sharing content and user data

1. You acknowledge that you have all rights to put photos, videos and all kinds of other materials intended to promote you.
2. Posting photos, videos, personal data and all kinds of other content, you agree to use them to get in touch with the clubs, agents, organizations and all kinds of entities that may be interested in you or for marketing purposes to help promote the service
3. You understand that all content you post on the service are public and can be seen by persons not registered on the website.
4. It is forbidden to advertise on the website without permission.


1. It is forbidden to make spam.
2. It is forbidden to collect content and user data, other forms of access to the website using automated tools (for example Harvesting bots, robots, spiders, or copying programs) without our permission.
3. It is forbidden in to organize any illegal marketing.
4. It is forbidden to upload viruses and other types of malicious code.
5. It is forbidden to access an account belonging to another person.
6. It is not allowed to attack, intimidate or harass other users.
7. It is forbidden to upload pornography, any content which may offend religious
feelings, personal feelings and everything considered as vulgar, promoting violence or unethical.
8. It is forbidden to use the website for any purpose that is unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.

Registration and account security

1. It is forbidden to impersonate other people, create fictitious accounts, submit falsified data or to create an account for another person without their permission.
2. You can create only one personal account. The exception is parents who can create an account for each child for whom they have that right.
3. In the case of the blocking of a user's account, the user does not have the right ​to create another without our permission.
4. The user is obliged to care about the reliability and topicality of data. This is also in their own interest.
5. Do not share your password, do not allow others to access your account and perform other activities that may cause a drop in the level of account security.
6. It is forbidden to transfer a user’s account to another person.

Protecting the rights of others

1. We respect the rights of others and we expect the same from our users.
2. It is prohibited to publish on content or performance of any activities that infringe or violate the rights of another person or are otherwise inconsistent with the law. We reserve the right to remove any content or information published on if we believe that it is incompatible with this Statement or our policies.
3. Repeated infringement of intellectual property rights of others may block your account.
4. It is prohibited to publish on other people's identity cards and confidential information of a financial nature.


1. The website is completely free of fees.
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